ABC Roofing wishes they would’ve called 1Click First!

ABC Roofing Company was recently approached by an advertising representative who told ABC Roofing they could create a new website that would cause their phone to ring off the hook.  The cost for the website was $5,600. The outcome was a poorly designed website that didn’t generate any new business for ABC Roofing. In fact, it had the opposite affect, because it was poorly designed it repelled potential customers.

If ABC Roofing had chosen 1 Click Marketing they would have received the following for slightly more than the $5,600 website they purchased:

  • A highly effective website built on a platform that’s easy for ABC to make changes too (including high quality Duro-Last photos)
  • An interactive, custom-branded video placed on their website and used to send to prospects to show how the product works and why it’s superior to others
  • A comprehensive marketing plan that includes monthly e-newsletters to their current clients and prospects that will generate new business
  • An automated marketing tool they could use to help follow up with prospects and increase their closing ratio too

The $5,600 ABC Roofing spent on an ineffective website that generated ZERO dollars could have been spent on effective marketing that could have generated THOUSANDS of dollars. Don’t be ABC Roofing, call 1 Click Marketing first!